Short Term Assistance: Respite Care

Respite care to relieve the family either in-home or outside the home for shorter or longer periods of time.

  • Information, advice, referrals to find agencies that offer assistance
  • Weekly devotions/Bible study programs
  • Assist with transportation
  • Recreational activities such as shopping, skating, swimming, bowling, board games, crafts, etc.
  • Short period Sunday relief
  • Invitations to visit for a few hours, evenings or week-ends
  • Occasional week-end relief
  • Family vacation relief
  • Relief for special events, such as weddings, out-of-town trips, etc.
  • Camping or vacation experiences

Long Term Assistance: Group Home/Foster Care

The goal is to provide facilities where individuals with disabilities who can no longer live with their families can live in a Christian environment that is similar to that of their parental home. The aim is to have a place that will be close enough for regular family visits and attendance at a church that nurtures the individuals with disabilities in the faith of the parental home and church.

Day Program

"The Farm" is a youth and adult Christian centre where persons with disabilities can enjoy meaningful day programs which will utilize their abilities and provide inclusive opportunities to grow and develop as individuals. The Farm was opened in 2016 in a rural area near Brantford and Hamilton. The Farm building includes a large room with kitchen and other areas for activities and socializing. A workshop offers space for hands-on learning, such as woodworking, furniture building/refurnishing, engine/mechanical repairs, train and model car designing. The barn and chicken coop allow opportunities to interact with and care for animals. Outdoors, there is plenty of room for gardening, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities.


6 Oneida Drive,
Brantford, Ontario
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Tel. 519 757-1554.

Office Hours:
Tuesday & Wednesday 10am-2pm

Our Homes

Peace Haven Homes
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